Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship is often hailed as the alternative to "traditional" equitation. Its proponents aim to communicate with horses in a manner much closer to the way in which horses might communicate with each other and is therefore, in theory, more intuitive and enjoyable for the horse.

At EBTA we believe that this theory is all too often not born out in practice. A human emulating equine behaviour is not perceived by a horse as equine behaviour. Conversely it is actually perceived as confusing, unpredictable and threatening and very often takes place via flooding techniques. We believe this to be damaging to the horses psychologically, even if there is no actual physical pain involved. While there is indeed a worrying lack of understanding of ethology and learning theory in more traditional training, the selective approach of Natural Horsemanship tends to sound appealing, and even convincing, to the layman without presenting the full picture.

[Natural equine behaviour is so much more complicated than the few elements of it which humans can emulate.]

We advise anyone interested in learning about Natural Horsemanship methods to first read our article on "Choosing a Trainer".

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