Welcome to the Equine Behaviour and Training Association

EBTA is the organisation for anyone interested in Equine Behaviour. Have you ever wondered why your horse behaves as he does? Have you ever been confused by too many training methods? Have you ever read a piece of research and thought "what are they actually saying and how does it apply to me and my horse"? From the novice horse owner who has a passing thought about something his horse does, to the long-term academic who would like her research to filter down to the general public, we have something to offer you.

Our website is free for all to use. Our menu above takes you to our large database of information about behaviour - from introductory to professional level. New material is added regularly - you can receive updates via our newsletter or Facebook page.

EBTA aims to:
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the physical and psychological well-being of equines

  • Promote awareness of human behaviour and its impact on equine behaviour

  • Bridge the gap between academic research and practical application

  • Protect equine welfare whilst maintaining safety and achieving goals